Jordan Suber

Jordan Suber

Little Mountain Elementary

Hometown: Whitmire

High School: Whitmire High

Favorite Teacher: I feel that every teacher, administrator, cafeteria staff, janitor, and all other staff that I encountered at Whitmire Community School made a huge impact on me at some point along the way.  The teacher that stands out the most to me is Sabrina Martin who was my 4th grade teacher. She stands out to me because she taught with passion, loved her students, and made sure each child in my class knew that they were important- even the "tough" kids. She found ways to make learning fun and memorable. I now find myself teaching math songs and strategies to my students that I learned in Mrs. Martin's class. I recently had the pleasure of teaching 4th grade for a few years and being able to reach out to my former 4th grade teacher who still teaches 4th grade at WCS for advice was so special to me!!

Most Rewarding Aspect of Teaching the Past Few Years: The past few years we have encountered a lot of hybrid and virtual learning. Due to the lack of in person learning, my students were then spending more time at home and less time with me at school learning face to face. It has been of utmost importance for me to keep a strong line of communication between myself (teacher) and my students' parents/families considering they were the ones having to help guide that student majority of the day from home with their learning.  So in the process of keeping those lines of communication open and strong with their parents, I found it rewarding to have been able to connect with them on a more frequent and personal basis/level.

Advice for Students: It is totally acceptable to make mistakes- they are proof that you are trying.  

Favorite Book: “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein