Danielle Glymph - LME Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Danielle Glymph - Little Mountain Elementary Teacher of the Year!

"My favorite thing about working in education is definitely the children. I have 180 days to make an impact with each child and I never want to waste any of those days. These children are our future and can do anything they set their mind to. Being able to help them put forth their full potential and work towards reaching their goals, helping them build confidence in themselves, and letting them know they will forever have someone to support them and cheer them on is so rewarding."

HOMETOWN: Prosperity
HIGH SCHOOL: Mid-Carolina High School
COLLEGE: Newberry College
FAVORITE BOOK: Giraffes Can't Dance
HOBBIES: Spending time with my family. We enjoy hanging out by the pool, riding 4-wheelers, and playing with our dogs. Some days you can find me sitting in the yard with my chickens!

IF I WEREN’T A TEACHER...I would most likely be a vet!

FAVORITE TEACHER: My 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Linda Luchuck, was my favorite teacher. She welcomed us to class with a smile every day, was strict but showed love and compassion to everyone. All of her activities were engaging and we would always listen to Disney Music in the background. She made sure that her students knew we were important and encouraged us to put forth our best effort every day. When things got though she encouraged me to persevere and helped me find the confidence I had hidden inside. I strive to be like Mrs. Linda Luchuck.

MEMORABLE MOMENT: I have been blessed with many memorable moments throughout my teaching career, but one that will always hold dear to my heart was when I was working with a first grade student while taking the Early Literacy Coursework through our district's Reading Recovery program. I worked every day with a little girl that was not reading on her grade level, and she told me she did not like to read because it was too hard. During one of our lessons it seemed that everything just clicked and she yelled out "look I can do it just like you said". The light that beamed from her warmed my heart. Knowing I was helping her learn to read meant so much, because reading is power, and I knew that once it finally clicked she would be unstoppable.